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What a crisis reveals

First published in the Dorchester People for Peace Update, April 10, 2020 A crisis can highlight faultlines in a society that are less visible in “normal” times. It is now impossible to ignore that our fragmented and mostly privatized healthcare system is not up to […]

US Military Commands

What Makes Us Safe?  What Doesn’t?

Originally published in the Dorchester People for Peace Update, April 3, 2020 Two news items from this week partly answer those questions. More than 3,000 have died in U.S., surpassing 9/11 death toll, the Washington Post reported. Of course, most news outlets failed to mention that the attackers did […]

Israel-Palestine After the 1967 War

“Deal of the Century” … Steal of the Century

by Jeff Klein

For more than 50 years, the UN and the international community have upheld in principle that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza had to end. After Israel’s conquests in the 1967 War, the UN Security Council declared that peace would require withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied during that conflict. Yet even as Israel built hundreds of illegal settlements in the occupied territories and annexed parts of Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan heights, the country faced nothing more than empty clucking from the international community; the US consistently blocked any action to enforce the UN and International Court of Justice decisions. Now, under the ‘Trump-Netanyahu’ administration, the US has abandoned even the pretense of abiding by international law. […]