Palestinian Lives Matter

by Jeff Klein When the slogan “Black Lives Matter” was popularized after a wave of police murdering unarmed African Americans, there were those – even well-meaning people – who were puzzled. Don’t all lives matter? Activists had to explain: Of course, all lives matter, but […]


The Panic Over “Israeli Democracy”

By Jeff Klein The supposed struggle for “Israeli democracy” has been a major story lately here in the US. Coverage has been featured on the front pages of our mainstream media, as well as in a flood of commentary from the world of liberal punditocracy. The prominent […]

Worker in an Amazon fulfilment centre (AP Photo/David McNew)
Peace Economy

Who should pay for inflation?

by Jeff Klein Originally published in the Dorchester Reporter The hard-working people of Massachusetts don’t have to be reminded about the pain of inflation. A trip to the supermarket demonstrates the sharply rising price of food, which is forcing most of us to tighten belts […]