Bruce Blair

Bruce Blair: In Memoriam

Mass. Peace Action mourns the loss of Bruce Blair, a man as fierce in his call for “global zero” as he was gentle and kind to all around him.  As a former missile launch officer, Bruce Blair traveled down into the heart of darkness. Then […]

Clockwise from top left: drawings by Takeda Hatsue, Takemoto Hideko, Yamashita Masato, Murakami Misako, Furukawa Shoichi, and Yokota Haruyo, who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Courtesy the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Nuclear Citizenship

Originally published in “Destroyer of Worlds: Taking Stock of Our Nuclear Present“, Harper’s Magazine, December 2017 A nuclear weapon, like any weapon, has two ends: the end from which it is fired and the end through which it inflicts injury. But in the case of […]