McCarthyism is Back
No New Cold War

McCarthyism Is Back: Together We Can Stop It

We stand together against the rise of a new McCarthyism that is targeting peace activists, critics of US foreign policy, and Chinese Americans. Despite increased intimidation, we remain steadfast in our mission to foster peace and international solidarity, countering the narrative of militarism, hostility, and […]

Massachusetts Peace Action

Support our 2023 Fund Drive!

Massachusetts Peace Action runs on your contributions! As we reach MAPA’s 66th year of organizing, advocacy, and actions for a more just world, the MAPA community is stronger than ever! With your support, MAPA has completed a year of intense efforts for peace and justice.  […]

Watertown community commemoration of Hiroshima Day, Watertown dock, August 6, 2023, Photo: Cole Harrison/ MAPA
Nuclear Disarmament

Never Again – End the New Cold War

by Cole Harrison Remarks delivered at “Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki” event, Watertown Sq Dock on Charles River, August 6, 2023 On July 16, 1945, the first nuclear weapon in human history was detonated in the desert of New Mexico. The story of the Trinity nuclear […]

MAPA's three strategy areas: preventing great power war; end US wars, occupations, and sanctions; peace economy/ just society.
Massachusetts Peace Action

What is MAPA’s New Priority Campaign Strategy?

Mass Peace Action Priority Campaign Strategy Massachusetts Peace Action works in Three Major Strategy Areas: The great powers / geopolitical area includes nuclear disarmament, the threat of great power war, and specifically the Ukraine war, no cold war, the US competitions with Russia and China, […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Ira Helfand wins Gandhi-King-Ikeda Award

The Martin Luther King Jr. International  Chapel at Morehouse College has awarded the 2023 Gandhi-King-Ikeda Community Builder’s Award to Dr. Ira Helfand, a Northampton activist and MAPA member who initiated the Back from the Brink campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons According to Morehouse, […]