Coronavirus Nurse

3 Things You can Do to Help, Right Now

Sign on to #ShutDownMASS and Join Neighborhood Aid Network  First of all we want to make sure that you’re OK. The safety of our members and supporters is the most important thing for Massachusetts Peace Action. If you have any specific concerns or questions please contact […]

Latin America

Bolivian Coup Reflects Long History of US Intervention in Latin America

by Brian Garvey
The right-wing coup in Bolivia that ousted indigenous President Evo Morales in November is threatening to roll back “one of the most successful social projects in modern Latin American history,” according to Stephen Kinzer, award-winning foreign correspondent and author. It is an attack on a country that is attempting to control its own resources, determine its own destiny and build a more egalitarian society. Kinzer and UMass, Boston Prof. Steve Striffler, an expert on US-Latin American solidarity, spoke to more than 50 people at a forum organized by Mass. Peace Action and other groups at the Community Church of Boston December 8th. […]