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How I Came Around

by Andrea Burns The day after Senator Sanders suspended his campaign in early April of this year, I unenrolled from the Democratic Party. Hurt, angry and demoralized, I was disgusted by the red-baiting by the media and the disrespectful way the Democratic Party treated Sanders […]

MAPA's Anne Burns canvassing for Bernie in New Hampshire
Peace Voter

A Day in the Life of Two Sanders Volunteers in New Hampshire

by Andrea Burns

My mom and I have been canvassing in New Hampshire most Saturdays since November for Senator Sanders. My brother owns a home in Hartand, Vermont, a 20-minute drive from the campaign office in West Lebanon. We usually go door-to-door or drive campaign volunteers without cars to canvass. On this particular Saturday, toward the end of the canvassing, we headed to the Wal-Mart in West Lebanon. The overwhelming majority of those we met said they liked Bernie and a few had personal stories about him. A dairy farmer and his sister from Randolph told me that once, during a bad snowstorm, Sanders had shoveled the snow from her friend’s driveway. […]