An Open Letter to Presidents Trump and Moon

An open letter to the leaders of USA, South Korea and North Korea, signed by Massachusetts Peace Action along with more than 100 US civil society groups, was released at the UN March 28 by Jackie Cabasso, Executive Director of Western States Legal Foundation.  The letter expressed support for the upcoming inter-Korean summit on April 27 and the US-DPRK summit in May, and urged the leaders “to patiently and diligently seek common ground.”

The letter states: “Dialogue and diplomacy is essential if we are to prevent a war that would likely result in an unthinkable disaster for the Korean Peninsula, the United States and the world…..We recognize that one encounter between US and North Korean leaders will not likely produce an agreement that leads to a lasting solution. But the planned summits offer the potential for starting a serious process that could move us decisively away from the current crisis.”

According to Cabasso, “This letter has taken on added significance in light of the appointment of John Bolton as US National Security Advisor.  In a March 1 Wall Street Journal op-ed Bolton called for a preemptive military strike on North Korea.  The open letter to President Trump, President Moon and Chairman Kim is an unambiguous repudiation of Bolton’s warmongering, with more than 100 peace, faith-based, professional, and Korean-American organizations across the country welcoming the extraordinary diplomatic opening that has appeared.”   

Read the full letter here by clicking on the PDF icon: