Activists Gather at Representative Katherine Clark’s Office Asking Her to Support Palestinian Rights



Chloe Steele,, 210-529-4449

Noble Larson,,

Louise Coleman, 617-817-6706


Monday, May 2nd @ 11:30am


Representative Katherine Clark’s Malden Office

(157 Pleasant St, Malden)

Our Message:

Activists will gather at Rep. Clark’s office to ask her to take the human rights and political rights of Palestinians seriously. Being proposed at the standout are several steps she can take to show her commitment to Palestinain rights and human rights:

  • Reject AIPAC’S endorsement
    • AIPAC is a pro Israel (anti-Palestinian) lobby group that opposes any viable peace process in the Middle East, opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal, de facto support for illega Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestine Territories, and plays a major role in mainstreaming Islamophoba in the US. Now, AIPAC has endorsed a Massachusetts Representative, Rep. Clark, making it nearly impossible for her to become open to Palestinian friendly policies, therefore it is vital that she publicly reject their endorsment.
  • Write a letter similar to Representative Jim Mcgovern’s that asks the Biden Adminitration to condem Israel’s designation of 6 Palestinian NGOs as terroists
    • The Israeli government has designated 6 Palesstinian NGOs as terrorists, which is harmful to the employees of these organizations as well as Palestinian society. Recently, Rep. McGovern wrote a letter to Secretary Blinken condeming this action and standing up for all human rights. Activists encourage Rep. Clark to write her own letter to show her support for these NGOs and Palestinians.
  • Support two bills in Congress: H.Res.751 and H.R.2590
    • H.Res.751 asks the President and State Department to publicly condem the Israeli government’s anti-democratic act of designating 6 Palestinian NGOs as terrorists.
    • H.R.2590 would limit US assistance and aid to Israel and demand Israel-specific reporting requirements on its activities in the West Bank.

If you would like to learn more about these asks, you can find more information on the event annoucement page.