A Response to Alan Dershowitz

A Response to Alan Dershowitz

Published July 03, 2014, by Susan T. Nicholson,  in issue of July 03, 2014 in The Jewish Journal of Massachusetts.


In Alan Dershowitz’s view, BDS campaigns are motivated solely by “hatred against the Jews or their state” (“Europe’s Alarming Push to Isolate Israel,” Journal, June 5). 

“Where,” he asks, “are your demonstrations on behalf of the oppressed Tibetans, Georgians, Syrians, Armenians, Kurds or even Ukrainains? Where are your BDS movements against the Chinese, Russians, Cubans, Turks or the Assad regime?”

Only the Palestinians? Only Israel? Why?

This is my answer. When the premier of China receives 27 standing ovations from my Congress for a speech in which he denies that China is occupying Tibet, then I’ll demonstrate against China.

When the U.S. gives Russia $3 billion annually in military aid and all but one member of my House of Representatives votes to designate an expanding Russia as the “major strategic partner” of the United States — as happened recently with regard to Israel — I’ll support BDS against Russia.

Israel receives special preferential treatment not available to other countries. This special status allows Israel to continue occupation, expand settlements and thwart peace initiatives with impunity. BDS is a way of counteracting this impunity. That is why I support BDS targeted at companies profiting from the occupation. Not to destroy Israel — as Dershowitz asserts — but to influence it in a positive direction. 

Mr. Dershowitz is extremely well informed. He knows of this alternative explanation for at least some of the support for BDS, yet chooses to ignore it, claiming to see only “hatred against the Jews or their state.” Why?

Susan T. Nicholson, Gloucester

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