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    Middle East Wars

    9/11 and “just war”

    by Kathie Malley-Morrison As the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. approaches, we suggest that you review the principles of just war described here by Dr. Michael Corgan. Then consider: Can the extremists who made the attacks in 2001 justify them based on just war […]

    Middle East Wars

    The Violence of US Information Operations

    by Ross Caputi I began studying the Anglo-American invasion and occupation of Iraq shortly after my unit’s deployment to Anbar Province ended and I was discharged from the US Marine Corps. I was an infantry soldier during the second siege of Fallujah in November of […]


    Support our 2021 Fund Drive!

    Massachusetts Peace Action runs on your contributions! Despite pandemic setbacks, Massachusetts Peace Action has continued to thrive and grow throughout the last year. We’ve expanded our reach through digital organizing, increased the scope of our work with new advocacy groups, produced more educational programs than […]


    A Brief History of Tomorrow

    by Stefan Schindler If today’s children and grandchildren are lucky, smart and diligent enough not to live in a dystopian future, their history books will highlight the Second World War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, America’s Indochina Holocaust, and 9/11 as four events which could have, […]