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Nina Turner Fundraiser

Everything We Love Is On The Line: A Massachusetts Grassroots Fundraiser for Nina Turner

Wed May 26 6:00 pm EDT
We ask you to join us at an exciting virtual rally supporting Senator Nina Turner for election to Ohio’s 11th ...
Military-Industrial Complex

Why people engage in war and other atrocities

Thu May 27 7:00 pm EDT
Why do people wage war and commit atrocities? The field of peace psychology has given considerable attention to the dynamics ...
Read-a-thon to Call Attention to the Crisis in Yemen

Read-a-thon to Call Attention to the Crisis in Yemen

Sat May 29 1:00 pm EDT
Sat May 29 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Samuel Adams Statue @ Faneuil Hall Marketplace The lives of 400,000 children in ...
Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Remembering All Victims of War

Mon May 31 11:30 am EDT
Join Us Memorial Day Monday, May 31st. Gather at Park St. T Station at 11:30 am . Step o? at ...
Sanctions: Modern-day Siege Warfare

Sanctions: Modern-day Siege Warfare

Wed Jun 2 7:00 pm EDT
In a recent article, Peter Beinart writes: For decades, the United States has supplemented its missile strikes and Special Operations ...
Healthcare Not Warfare

Forum: Fund HealthCare not Warfare – Pressing Needs for the Public’s Health and Pandemic Protection

Sat Jun 5 2:00 pm EDT
The healthcare, public health and pandemic prevention sectors remain very diverse, often somewhat siloed. Hospital physicians, hospital staffs, hospital nurses; ...
Socorro Leiva, grandmother of the Nicaraguan migrant child found at the Texas border, upon learning through the news that her daughter, Meylin Obregón, is kidnapped by Mexican mafias. By: Carlos Herrera | Divergentes.

Centroamericanos Speak:  On Migration and Struggle

Sun Jun 13 11:00 am EDT
with Members of the Central American News Melissa Vida is a freelance journalist and filmmaker from Belgian and Salvadoran descent ...
Pressuring the Nuclear Weapons Profiteers

Pressuring the Nuclear Weapons Profiteers

Sat Jun 26 11:00 am EDT
Divestment, Direct Action, Media, & International Law Register to attend ...

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Government supporters in Caracas, Venezuela protest against US sanctions. (Federico Parra / AFP)

US Sanctions and Venezuela’s Economy

by Tyrin Douangvichit As of January 22, 2021, the Treasury Department had imposed sanctions on roughly 166 Venezuelan or Venezuelan-connected individuals and the State Department had revoked the visas of more than 1,000 individuals and their families (, Congressional Research Service). The current discourse on […]

Julia Ward Howe

Mother’s Day Proclamation

The “Appeal to womanhood throughout the world” (later known as “Mother’s Day Proclamation”) by Julia Ward Howe was an appeal for women to unite for peace in the world. by Julia Ward Howe, 1870 Arise, all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be that […]

Rally outside British Labour Party's executive committee meeting, Sept 2018. Photo: Henry Nicholls/Reuters

Massachusetts House Rejects Distorted Definition of Antisemitism

by Cole Harrison and Elsa Auerbach The Massachusetts House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected an amendment to the state budget which would have Massachusetts adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, a definition that equates criticism of Israel with antisemitism, within its […]