8 of 9 Massachusetts Reps. call for continued Iran arms embargo

We deplore the support of 8 of 9 members of Massachusetts’ House delegation on a very counterproductive letter supporting the Adminstration’s goal to extend the UN’s arms embargo on Iran. Read the letter here. 

Unfortunately, Reps. Jim McGovern, Katherine Clark, Joe Kennedy III, Richard Neal, Lori Trahan, Stephen F. Lynch, Bill Keating, and Seth Moulton all signed this letter, falling into line behind Trump and Sec. Pompeo’s policy of squeezing Iran.

We thank Rep. Ayanna Pressley for standing firm for an independent peace policy and staying off the bad Iran letter!

The Iran arms embargo letter continues and intensifies the bipartisan US policy of blaming Iran for the Middle East’s problems and seeking to use US power to pick winners.

Our House members’ claim that Iranian weapons imports and exports are the main problem destabilizing the Middle East serves only to express support for the Saudi/Israeli/US alliance and to seek to keep Iran in the penalty box.

From uncritical support for Israel, to endless arms sales to Saudi and support for its Yemen war, to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, to destabilization of Libya and Syria, it’s US policy in the Middle East that is largely responsible for that region’s woes.

First, do no harm.

Get the US out of the Middle East. Bring the troops home. Stop sending arms. Stop sanctions. Stop embargoes. Just stop!

Once we stop, things can start to settle down.

Democrats, it’s time for a new policy. We are very, very disappointed to see your signatures, again, on the same old claptrap.

The habits of hegemony die hard. Our Democratic delegation is evidently still drinking from the same old Kool-Aid that says the US knows best. How many disasters will it take before they realize that we don’t?