Rally: No War with Syria

Saturday, September 7, 2013, 1:00 pm

Park Street Station, Boston

A US attack on Syria would be a dangerous escalation of the Syrian conflict and only create more destruction and loss of life.   US military intervention could possibly spiral into a major regional war including US forces.  Only a cease fire leading to political talks among Syrians will resolve the crisis; more violence simply makes things worse and a political solution more difficult.

The use of chemical weapons is a grievous crime to be dealt with by international law, not war.   While the US claims humanitarian concerns, the real motivation is maintaining strategic dominance in the Middle East, US corporate interests and safeguarding oil supplies.
The international community should find neutral ways to provide humanitarian assistance for the Syrian victims and refugees, and work with the Syrian government and opposition to convene an international conference working towards a cease fire and political process.   Everyone involved, including women, should have a seat at the table, but the Syrians must decide the political arrangements in their own country.  
UJP urges everyone in the peace and progressive communities to continue to take actions such as writing letters and op eds, signing petitions, lobbying congress and joining street protests to stop further escalation of US attacks and possible widening of the Syrian conflict into a regional war.
In case of an attack, we call for an emergency protest at 5:00 pm at Park Street,  the day of the attack if it is before noon or the day after if the attack as after noon.  (Check the UJP website for final information, justicewithpeace.org).
— United for Justice with Peace

Rally Co-Sponsors: Committee for Peace & Human Rights, Boston UNAC, International Action Center, ANSWER Coalition, Mass. Global Action/encuentro 5, Massachusetts Peace Action, Come Home America-Boston Chapter, American Iranian Friendship Committee, Massachusetts Pirate Party, #MassOps, Revolution is Evolution, Massachusetts Liberty Movement (Liberty Clubhouse),  Green-Rainbow Party, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom – Boston, Community Church of Boston, Syrian American Forum, American Friends Service Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, Veterans for Peace- Smedley Butler Brigade, South Asia Center, South Asians for Global Justice