214 Community Leaders say: End War Without End

Community Leaders' Letter to Congress: End War Without End
Community Leaders' Letter to Congress: End War Without End

July 21 — 214 Massachusetts leaders from a diverse assortment of backgrounds wrote today to the Massachusetts Congressional delegation urging them to help end the war without end.

Signers explained that “The shooting down of a Syrian air force jet… represent a significant escalation of US military activity in the Middle East, but not a dramatic departure from the policies of the last decade and a half.” They said the result has been “more death, more destruction, more refugees, and more terrorism.”

Highlighting the expansion of the start to the war without end from Afghanistan to the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, and North Africa, they said, “Millions of civilians have been killed and displaced in this war and the Middle East faces a refugee crisis of unprecedented proportions. Thousands of young American men and women have been killed and many thousands more injured or traumatized.”

“Our war without end has been justified by two Congressional resolutions that authorized the use of military force (AUMF). The first was passed on September 14, 2001, three days after the attacks of 9/11… The resolution of September 2001 was not deemed sufficient for a war against Iraq, which led to a second authorization in October 2002 for the use of force against that nation.”

Syrian KidsThey urged everyone to “step up and speak for the people in Washington, DC. We are tired of war without end.”

Signers called on Congress to support Barbara Lee’s H.R. 1473, the Prohibit Expansion of U.S. Combat Troops into Syria Act; join an immediate Congressional debate on the deployment and use of U.S. military force; refuse to fund the Pentagon or authorize the sale of US weapons in the region until new authorization; and support diplomatic efforts to end the conflicts and civil wars in the region.

The 214 signers included 44 faculty members from Boston College, Harvard, Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts, MIT, and other institutions; 18 faith leaders; 45 officers of community and labor organizations; 52 professionals and business people; state legislators, local elected officials, students, and others. Each of Massachusetts’ nine congressional districts were represented. The letter was organized by Massachusetts Peace Action, the Commonwealth’s largest grassroots peace organization with headquarters in Cambridge. 

Read the Community Leaders’ Letter, End War Without End, and view the list of signers in each Congressional District