No New Cold War

No to NATO, Yes to Peace

A summit and a rally in Washington D.C. on July 6-7, 2024 This year NATO celebrates 75 years since its founding. But what is NATO?  The response to that question depends on whom you ask. If you ask the US Department of State, they tell […]


Et tu, Europa?

By Hoffmann the Organizer When I ponder what is driving the near-universal resurgence of militarism across Europe in the past three years, I feel a sharp pain in my back. For most of my life, I looked to Europe as an actually existing model for […]


Campus Tribalism & Intolerance

How to Unite Pro-Palestinian Students  By Camille van Vliet After the Israeli invasion of Gaza, campus politics have been at the center of protest politics surrounding genocide in Palestine. The many deaths in Gaza have divided campuses ever more. Dialogue on campuses has withered away, […]