Lift Sanctions on Iran; Stop Coronavirus

Lift the Sanctions Now – Stop Coronavirus

Lift the Sanctions Now – Stop Coronavirus As the world reels from the COVID-19 pandemic, all nations must work together in the struggle to contain the outbreak. That’s why Massachusetts Peace Action is working with organizations across the state to demand an end to sanctions that hinder […]

Bernie Sanders on Boston Common, Feb. 29. Craig F. Walker/Boston Globe photo
Peace Voter

The Bernie Sanders Campaign is Forging the Way

by Cole Harrison Whoever eventually wins the Democratic nomination for president, one thing is clear: The towering achievement of the Bernie Sanders campaign is the tectonic shift it has brought about in the political debate in the United States, the vision it has given millions […]

Doctors and F-35s
Fund Healthcare Not Warfare

Fund Public Health, not Foreign Wars

by Jonathan King and Rosemary Kean The  coronavirus outbreak and the nation’s lack of preparedness require a major change in national policy, shifting  investment of our tax dollars into public health, and away from prosecuting endless wars abroad. The large Emergency Stimulus Package Congress voted […]