2020 Fund Drive: $30,000 to go!

Peace Advocate December 2022

Susan Mirsky hands nuclear disarmament petitions to Rep. Jake Auchincloss outside his Newton office, joined by a group of MAPA members, October 14, 2022. MAPA photo
Susan Mirsky hands nuclear disarmament petitions to Rep. Jake Auchincloss outside his Newton office, joined by a group of MAPA members, October 14, 2022. MAPA photo

by Fran Jeffries

We are asking for funds to continue our work in the coming year. The events of 2022 are reinforcing the urgency of our struggle for Peace and Justice.

The need for Massachusetts Peace Action and its mission is clearer than ever.  With our volunteers and allies we have called for negotiated settlement to the conflict in Ukraine; called attention to the threat of nuclear catastrophe unseen since the 1960 Cuban Missile Crisis; called for a halt to the escalating military budget that feeds wars around the globe and strips resources from our human needs at home, feeds climate disaster as it also rolls back the resources for fighting climate catastrophe,  fuels inflation, increasing energy costs, and fuel shortages around the world.

Massachusetts Peace Action has continued to raise the alarm and confront the issues, holding webinars, meetings, street actions and rallies, petitions and meetings with our Congress people.  All of our hundreds of volunteers have participated in these efforts. In many cases, you have been a welcome part of these efforts, and we thank you.

In response to dire threats to peace, our volunteer-led working groups are tackling:

  • Nuclear Disarmament
  • Middle East Wars
  • No Cold War with China and Russia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Palestine/Israel
  • Fund Healthcare Not Warfare
  • Peace and Climate
  • Racial Justice/ Decolonization.

We also sustain

  • the Raytheon Antiwar Campaign
  • the New England Korea Peace Campaign
  • and we convene the Massachusetts Progressive Action Committee.

You know what we’re up against.

The weapons industry’s endless greed has a huge impact on how your tax dollars are spent. They have considerable resources and spend them to ensure that the Pentagon budget keeps expanding. It’s not only that the US military is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions.  It also eats up a huge chunk of our budget that should be used to tackle the greatest threat humankind has ever faced: climate catastrophe.

Our two organizations, Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund, which accepts tax-deductible donations and uses them for educational purposes, and Massachusetts Peace Action, which engages in advocacy and political campaigns, together have a 2022 fundraising goal of $250,000. Thanks to you, we’ve raised $221,000 so far. That still leaves $30,000 to raise in December to meet our goal.

With your generosity, we can exceed our goal and enter 2023 in a strong position! Please donate today to Massachusetts Peace Action or to make a tax-deductible donation to Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund.

The best way to give is to join the 190 members of our Partners in Peace program, which spreads your donation over the year by paying a small amount each month or quarter, at .  Or go to to make a single contribution, or to to make a tax-deductible contribution to MAPA Education Fund.

Please join in funding Massachusetts Peace Action, our local partner in forging peace.  Whether you can do a small amount, or a larger amount, it all adds up and fuels our efforts in promoting a more peaceful world. Thank you!

— Fran Jeffries is chair of MAPA’s Fundraising Committee and a member of the Nuclear Disarmament Working Group and of the MAPA Education Fund board of directors.