Raytheon Antiwar Campaign protest, Boston University, Oct 2, 2019

War is Child Abuse

I attended B.U. and Northeastern’s campuses to protest the on-campus presence of the slippery Raytheon corporate recruiters with my friends, protest singers Leon Litewski and Andy Sepe. The protest was put on by members of Mass. Peace Action, United Against War and Imperialism, Democratic Socialists […]

MAPA Actions 2019

Support our 2019 Fund Drive!

In 2019 we have been voting, phoning, demonstrating, petitioning, lobbying, writing, and tweeting for peace.  That’s why we’re called Massachusetts Peace Action.  We are the leading political presence in Massachusetts pushing for Peace, Diplomacy and Nuclear Disarmament. This is only possible with your active participation and […]

Youth on the Road to Peace

From Kabul: Youth on the Road to Peace

By Dr Hakim In September 2019, facing everyday dangers of the war and under constant pressure to view those from other groups as enemies, young people from each of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces gathered for a three day “On the Road to Peace” conference in Kabul.  […]