Massachusetts Peace Action

2019 Annual Meeting Breakouts

The following breakouts will be run during our Annual Meeting on March 9, from 3:15 to 4:35 pm. The Green New Deal—how should the peace movement respond? Facilitators: Rosalie Anders and John MacDougall, co-conveners, MAPA Peace & Climate working group; Rosemary Kean,  convener, MAPA Racial Justice […]

No War with Iran rally, Cambridge, Aug 3, 2018

2019-2021 Board Nominees

Most Massachusetts Peace Action directors serve for a 2-year term.  The following candidates have been nominated by the Executive Committee for election in March 2019.  The election will take place on March 9, 2019 at the MAPA annual meeting. New members running for election Andrea […]


Board Election Process 2019

The 2019 board election will happen during our Annual Meeting on March 9. As Massachusetts Peace Action works to grow and strengthen our organization, we are also working to strengthen our Board. We seek Board members that can help lead our organizing, raise money, expand our […]

Paula Sharaga

Paula Sharaga: In Memoriam

We are devastated and infuriated by the news that our active member and leader Paula Sharaga was killed in a bicycle-truck accident yesterday afternoon in Boston. She was co-chair of our Boston Downwinders working group and cycled everywhere. Paula had just left our office less […]

Nicolas Maduro and John Bolton

Venezuela must choose its own course

The Boston Globe‘s recent editorial “Hope for Venezuela” (Jan. 25) presents an alarmingly slanted perspective on US intervention in that country.  This is a situation ripe for the law of unintended consequences. The idea that the international community – or a self-selected portion of it […]