Abdul-Razzaq: Wants Reforms

Amid Missiles and Bombs in Damascus 

Originally posted at ConsortiumNews In this special report from the Syrian capital, Jeff Klein describes a people getting back on their feet after the defeat of jihadists in Ghouta, while explosives remain a part of daily life. In Damascus A loud and persistent booming woke […]

Statewide Peace Groups Meeting, Feb 3 2018, Worcester

Massachusetts Peace and Justice Network Formed

The peace and justice movement faces new and difficult conditions in the Trump presidency. Sharply increased military spending, escalated wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and threats against North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba, are coupled with increased anti-immigrant, anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim rhetoric and […]

No War on Syria

Congress Must Reclaim its War Powers

The potential firing of Robert Mueller and/or Rod Rosenstein has focused a great deal of angst and hand-wringing on the looming potential for a constitutional crisis.  Not nearly enough attention, on the other hand, has been paid to the one that is already upon us. […]