Optimism in the Face of Nuclear Danger

Remarks delivered by Michael VanElzakker at our 60th Anniversary celebration October 29. The ultimate goal of the nuclear disarmament working group is both radical and necessary for the survival of the human species: total abolition of nuclear weapons from the planet. At MAPA, we work towards […]

Brenton Stoddart

“This is no time to be neutral on Middle East issues”

Remarks delivered by Brenton Stoddart at our 60th Anniversary celebration October 29.  Video: https://www.facebook.com/masspeaceaction/videos/10154802992355723/ In college, debating US foreign policy with my peers was “cool,” and pointing out the faults in that policy seemed a potential vocation. But rarely did I consider the people whom our […]

Fall Program Launch

Fall Campaign Launch Meeting

About 30 Peace Action activists met October 1 in Cambridge to hear and discuss plans for our fall campaigns.  We heard and discussed brief presentations on four priority issue areas, then broke down into small groups to connect and make action plans.  Participants included representatives […]