The Issues Facing All of Us

Remarks delivered at the Boston Women’s March for America, January 21, 2017 YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND POWERFUL OUT THERE! Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim; Salam Aleikum! I start with words of peace because we are sorely in need of peace and harmony! We are in […]


Syrian Peace Talks in Astana

On January 23, Astana, the Capital of Kazakhstan, will be hosting the Syrian peace talks between the Syrian government and leaders of different factions of the Syrian opposition where Russia, Turkey and Iran will be the organizers and guarantors of the negotiations. There is a […]

Build Dikes of Courage - MLK

MLK Would Support Iran Agreement

On the one year anniversary of the implementation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, Jon Rainwater, the executive director of the United States’ largest peace organization, Peace Action, released the following statement: “One year ago today, the successful implementation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement simultaneously prevented […]