It is Hard to be a Woman in Iran

The result of first round of the Parliamentary election in Iran, held on February 27, shows that so far, women captured 14 of 290 seats of the Iranian Parliament. Compared with 9 female policymakers in the current Parliament, the result of the recent election may […]


Identity Versus Donald Trump

Every person as a mature individual has a conception of herself/himself that has been built based on a group of identities throughout her/his life. Identities are built on top of various attributes and experiences, which are open to different interpretations: “race” is a good example for […]


Annual Meeting Workshops

Building Peace and Justice: Now More than Ever, Massachusetts Peace Action’s 2016 Annual Meeting, will be held  Saturday, March 12 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in Cambridge.  After hearing the two keynote speakers, author Phyllis Bennis and Representative Jim McGovern, and eating lunch, attendees will have […]

Peace Zone

Announcing the Peace Zone Podcast

What is Peace Zone? Massachusetts Peace Action announces our exciting new podcast, PeaceZone!  PeaceZone allows you to listen to expert, interesting speakers who present news and views for peace and justice. PeaceZone podcasts are based on events sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action. Listen to Peace […]