Convergence: The Common Vision

by Harris Gruman A Presentation at the Autumn Convergence, November 24, 2013, Boston If I’m asked to look for a common vision, I guess I’d have to start with the one that truly launched our age of historical action, the pamphlet of 1789 that asks: […]

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Falmouth Peace Rally

It was a brisk Autumn day, when peace folk gathered in order to spread peace as a message to the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts. In my infancy to the peace movement, I gathered with community members to support an end to war and peaceful resolutions […]

Our People

Autumn Convergence: Speaker Biographies

Speaker Biographies for the Autumn Convergence Leslie Cagan Leslie Cagan has worked in a wide range peace and social justice movements locally and nationally for more than 45 years: from the Vietnam war to racism at home, from nuclear disarmament to lesbian/gay liberation, from fighting sexism to working against U.S. […]


Autumn Convergence: Readings

Recommended Readings for the Autumn Convergence Michelle Alexander, “Breaking My Silence“.   “For years I have written about mass incarceration, while staying mute about drones and other injustices. It is time to connect the dots.”  The Nation, September 23, 2013 Kevin Martin, “Towards a Foreign […]


Autumn Convergence: Agenda and Workshops

Agenda for the Autumn Convergence   Doors Open – 12:30 pm – Registration – Refreshments Served – Please sit at your assigned table  Opening – 1:00 pm – Facilitators welcome participants, outline goals & agenda of the day, logistics.– Icebreaker: Participants at tables introduce themselves to […]