Action Alert:

Vigil: No Government Shutdown!

Monday, September 30 at noon 
Republican Party Headquarters 
85 Merrimac Street, Boston (North Station T) 

The Budget for All campaign issues a call for an….. 

Emergency Response to Threat of Congressional Republicans
to Shut Down the Government
on October 1: 

Capitol ShutdownUnless a Federal Budget is passed by October 1:
Tens of thousands will be thrown out of work;
Payments to active duty soldiers will cease;
No FHA mortgages would be approved;
Federal loans to small businesses would be suspended;
Federal research projects would be halted;
and other vital services will be threatened. (Boston Globe, page 1, 9/20/13)

But unless President Obama agrees to cancel the new universal health Insurance program Republican legislators have said they will do just that. Already the Sequester cuts have jeopardized the well-being of tens of thousands. But a government shut-down will have far more widespread impacts across the country and threaten the U.S. economy itself. Please Join us at this emergency action on:

Monday, September 30 at noon
Republican Party Headquarters
85 Merrimac Street, Boston (North Station T)

Gather at the offices of the Republican State Committee for a vigil and press event. We will deliver a letter at this Republican Party headquarters urging that the Massachusetts Party urge Congressional Republicans to avert a shutdown.

Speakers will include federal employees who will be furloughed and others directly affected by the threatened shutdown.

We demand that the whole Congress stop stifling the voice of the American People who in measures of public opinion across the country – and in the referendum on the ballot in Massachusetts last November – have consistently called for a Federal Budget that:

*Protects Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Benefits and other vital programs:
*Invests in employment as the solution to our economic crisis;
*And pays for these efforts and reduces the national debt by ending massive corporate tax loopholes, ending the war in Afghanistan, and redirecting money from the Pentagon budget to these projects that support our families.

Congress must translate these demands into a budget, repeal the sequester which violates these demands, and keep public programs functioning.

This vigil will only take place if there is no agreement by Monday to avert a shutdown.

Sponsors include The Budget for All Campaign and MoveOn For more information contact 617-354-2169 or 617-623-5288