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clip-art-video-921238[1]Peace Economy

Linking Issues and Movements: The Convergence of Labor, Peace, and Community Activists to Advance A “Budget For All”-The Massachusetts Experience and Beyond – A presentation at the “How Class Works 2014” conference by Cole Harrison and Carolyn Federoff

     Budget for All video collection including media coverage of rallies during 2012 and 2013

     Fund Our Communities, Not War series including 2012 talks by Charles Derber, Barney Frank, Ruth Balser, Mike Prokosch, and Chris Hellman.

     Economic Conversion Now conference, Boston, 1985 

     St Patrick’s Peace Parade playlist and No Parade for Veterans for Peace? (March 2015)

     Short snippets of a few rallies on our Facebook page

Foreign Policy

      Reps. Jim McGovern and Walter Jones on the congressional debate over President Obama’s request for authorization for use of military force (AUMF) to fight *ISIS and the launch of their new Constitutional War Study Group (May, 1, 2015)

     Paul Shannon on US military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Sept. 17, 2014

     Pivoting for Peace in Asia-Pacific playlist featuring presentations from the April 19, 2014 conference

     On Iran, see Gareth Porter’s March 27 talk that we sponsored at Bristol Community College, and A New War in the Middle East: Teach-in on Iran, sponsored by UJP, in April 2012 at Suffolk University.

     Foreign Policy for All playlist including talks by Johann Galtung and Stephen Kinzer

     Nuclear Disarmament and the New Start Treaty (2010)

     Palestine playlist featuring a MAPA sponsored talk by Stephen Walt, May 7, 2014

      Ukraine playlist featuring talks by Mark Solomon and Gary Leupp, May 28, 2014