Action Alert:

Veterans who work for peace are again prohibited from St. Pats Parade “And the Band Played On”

Veterans who have honorably served this country are once again prohibited from walking in the 
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade because they now work for peace.
This year Veterans for Peace, once again sidelined, will assemble at 524 East Broadway in silent protest as their fellow veterans and politicians’ walk by.
“Thank God for politicians of character who are standing up for what is right,” stated Pat Scanlon, Special Events Coordinator for Veterans For Peace. State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry is not marching in the parade this yearstating, “I will not walk in the parade until all veterans groups are allowed to participate” “It would be nice if other politicians followed Senator Forry’s lead”, continued Scanlon. It is disgraceful that veterans who have honorably served this country, many defending this country in war, are denied to walk in a parade honoring Saint Patrick, a man of peace – how ironic.
“We had a saying in Vietnam,” stated Scanlon, “no ones gets left behind” – “Sadly other veterans and politicians will be doing just that on Sunday, they will walk by and wave”.
Attention Fellow Veterans and Politicians: Please do Not participate in this parade until all veterans are allowed to participate, whether or not they fly a rainbow flag or work for peace.” Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is not inclusive until all Veterans are included.