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The End of the Myth: A Common Read

The Massachusetts Peace Action Common Read

Grandin: End of the Myth Grandin: End of the Myth

Looking for a good book to read this Summer? Concerned about the structural barriers to peace like empire, capitalism, white supremacy, and colonialism? Would you like to discuss these issues with friends, then meet the author? Sign up to join the Common Read!

The End of the Myth, by Greg Grandin, explores the effect that constant expansion has had on the the politics of the United States, from the Colonial period to today. Now that the frontier is shut, racism, nationalism, anger, and polarization have come home, catapulting Trump to the presidency and dividing the nation. Our new project, the Mass Peace Action Common Read, lets you read the book, discuss with your friends, and meet the author.

Watch his interview with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now!

Greg Grandin is the author of many books including Empire of Necessity, Fordlandia, Empire’s Workshop, The Last Colonial Massacre, and Kissinger’s Shadowto name a few. After many years teaching at New York University he recently joined the Department of History at Yale University. He has also served on the United Nations Truth Commission investigating the Guatemalan civil war. He has written for The Nation, the London Review of Books, and The New York Times.

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This Summer Mass Peace Action is offering our members the chance to participate in a common read. Reading and discussing a book in common will help build cohesion in our community. This idea has come out of the Unitarian Universalist Community and was successfully carried out last year by our Racial Justice Working Group. We plan to meet twice over the Summer, first in the last week of June and once in mid to late July, and have a final meeting in September that will feature the author, Greg Grandin, who has agreed to speak with us!

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Group Meeting Dates:

Cambridge – Tuesday, June 25, 6:30pm, Central Square Library.   Sign up

Brookline – Sunday, June 30, 2:30pm, Brookline Coolidge corner Library.   Sign up 

Watertown – TBA.  Sign up

Natick – TBA.  Sign up

If you can’t make one of those groups, be sure to fill out our Doodle Poll in addition to signing up. 

Getting the Book

Mass. Peace Action has books at a discounted price of $20 (list: $30).   Click on the “Buy Now” button below and we’ll put one aside for you; contact the office at 617-354-2169 or to arrange pickup.   If you can’t afford $20, talk to us!

The Common Read committee for 2019 is Maryellen Kurkulos, Rosemary Kean, and Brian Garvey.