Talks, not Missiles and Aircraft Carriers, to improve Iran relations

No War with Iran rally, Cambridge, Aug 3, 2018 No War with Iran rally, Cambridge, Aug 3, 2018

Yesterday’s U.S. move to deploy ships into the Persian Gulf follows multiple provocations by the Trump administration towards Iran:  we withdrew from the Iran deal a year ago, designated the Iran Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization three weeks ago, and then said we will end waivers  that allowed some nations to circumvent U.S. sanctions and continue buying Iran oil without suffering penalties. 

Iran yesterday announced it is resuming high-level nuclear enrichment in response to our new sanctions, military threats, and withdrawal from the Iran deal.  The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran has complied with the deal up to now, but a year after the U.S. withdrawal, they have understandably made a counter-move. 

Massachusetts Peace Action calls on the administration to turn the ships around and return to the negotiating table.  Mr. Bolton may be eager for a war with Iran, but we are not.  Please call your member of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to speak up against these dangerous provocations and resume diplomatic talks with Iran.