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Nuclear Disarmament Working Group 2016

Policy Long Range Policy Goal: Eliminating the trillion dollar modernization of US nuclear weapons triad. Achievable Objectives for 2016: Adopt long term campaign plan Initiate Books Not Bombs effort Launch People’s Call to Pres. Obama as national effort Strengthen No nukes plank in Peoples Budget Coin name, […]


Students Launch Peace Organizing Drive

Massachusetts Peace Action has focused on developing young leaders since 2014. We do this through our Student Organizing Program, which identifies future student peace leaders and supports them in establishing college, university and high school student chapters. Like MAPA’s working groups, each chapter picks an […]


Palestine/Israel Working Group: 2015 Work Plan

The emphasis of the PIWG’s work is on changing U.S. policy toward Israel and Palestine. We contest the long-held assumption of our elected and appointed officials that uncritically supporting Israel with massive military subsidies and political cover, and willfully disregarding the just grievances of the […]

No War on Syria

Middle East Working Group: 2015 Work Plan

The Middle East Working Group will work towards ending the wars in Iraq and Syria and preventing a war on Iran.    (Our working group does not specifically address Israel/Palestine issues, which are covered by a separate working group.) We will begin with work together […]