2017 Program Summary

Massachusetts Peace Action currently has 7 volunteer-led working groups and one standing committee, reflecting our priorities and the energy of our volunteers. (Plus 7 campus clubs and a faith communities network) Join a working group today! We coordinate our work with national Peace Action and its national […]


Palestine/Israel Working Group: 2015 Work Plan

The emphasis of the PIWG’s work is on changing U.S. policy toward Israel and Palestine. We contest the long-held assumption of our elected and appointed officials that uncritically supporting Israel with massive military subsidies and political cover, and willfully disregarding the just grievances of the […]

No War on Syria

Middle East Working Group: 2015 Work Plan

The Middle East Working Group will work towards ending the wars in Iraq and Syria and preventing a war on Iran.    (Our working group does not specifically address Israel/Palestine issues, which are covered by a separate working group.) We will begin with work together […]