Community Services of Greater Brockton
Peace Economy

All Women are Wonder Women

Message delivered by Hayat Imam at Community Services of Greater Brockton, March 3, 2021 Good morning! Thank you very much for inviting me to join you today, through your colleague Nasreen, whom, by the way, we Bangladeshis affectionately call “Rumi”!  You may know that, in […]

Peace and Climate

Climate Change: A Feminist Issue

By Juliana DeSimone This post is part one in a series about the intersection between peace issues and gender. This series is meant to push people to think critically about the ways in which women are distinctly impacted by peace issues. Issues of peace impact […]

Valentine Moghadam at Cambridge/Boston Women's March 2018: The People Persist

Middle Eastern Women Need Peace

Remarks delivered at the Cambridge/Boston Women’s March: The People Persist, January 20, 2018 Greetings to all! I am here speaking on behalf of Massachusetts Peace Action and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Boston branch. As a woman born in Iran, who has […]