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Ed Markey has become our newest US Senator! Now, there is a special election to fill his seat in the House of Representatives for the 5th Congressional District. Eight progressive organizations have joined together to host a forum with the Democratic candidates. Our goal is …

Push the Budget for All this Tuesday!

November 5, 2012 // 0 Comments

Massachusetts Peace Action and 78 other organizations are supporting the Budget for All, which is on the ballot in 91 Massachusetts cities and towns as Question 4, 5, 6 or 7 (find out which question number it is in your town). Can you help push …

Budget for All Referendum to Reach 1 Million Massachusetts Voters

by Cole Harrison A successful campaign generates its own energy. The drive to get the Budget for All referendum on the ballot caught fire because scores of activists throughout the state want to do something. I’ve heard over and over again from progressive activists who are tired of the Right rolling over us, and equally tired of endless meetings and preaching to the choir. They want to get out there, talk to their neighbors, and bring a progressive agenda into the political process. And that is what we are doing in Massachusetts in the 2012 elections. Under the slogan “Stop the Cuts – Invest in Jobs – Tax the 1% – End the Wars”, Massachusetts Peace Action helped lead a peace-community-labor coalition of 42 organizations to organize a petition drive to place the Budget for All referendum on the ballot.

The Budget for All will be voted on by at least 1,016,250 voters or 33.9% of the state's voters! We are definitely on the ballot in 13 districts which will reach 446,000 voters. We think we're on the ballot in 20 more districts which will reach an additional 570,000 voters. We might be on the ballot in 2 more districts reaching 37,500 more voters.

District by District Status

Now that the July 3 deadline to turn in signatures to towns has passed, here's the district by district status as far as we know. (Please send additional information about your district to Cole Harrison ( or Paul Shannon (

A) Definitely on ballot

The Secretary of State's office has accepted certified signatures and confirmed in writing that we will be on the ballot in:   Senate districts: First Suffolk (Hart) First Middlesex & Norfolk (Creem) Second Middlesex (Jehlen) Norfolk & Suffolk (Rush)   House districts: 9th Middlesex (Stanley) 10th Middlesex (Lawn) 23rd Middlesex 24th Middlesex 29th Middlesex (Hecht) 32nd Middlesex (Clark) 7th Norfolk (Timilty) 8th Plymouth 5th Essex (Ferranti)