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Denis J. Sullivan Director, Boston Consortium for Arab Region Studies (BCARS, a Carnegie Corporation Project) Professor of Political Science & International Affairs Co-Director, Middle East Center Northeastern University  Since early 2011, both Syria and Yemen have been in the throes of displacement and near-total destruction. Syria …

Jeff Klein: What’s Happening in Syria?

November 4, 2018 // 0 Comments

People in the US get a very one-sided view of the war in Syria from the mainstream media. What is the reality? What do Syrians want? Jeff Klein, a retired machinist and local trade-union president active with the anti-war group Dorchester People for Peace and …

Eyewitness Syria

June 6, 2018 // 0 Comments

Jeff Klein, Massachusetts Peace Action Board Member will speak about his recent trip to Syria.

Congress Must Reclaim its War Powers

April 19, 2018 // 0 Comments

The potential firing of Robert Mueller and/or Rod Rosenstein has focused a great deal of angst and hand-wringing on the looming potential for a constitutional crisis.  Not nearly enough attention, on the other hand, has been paid to the one that is already upon us. …

Saturday’s suspected nerve gas attack on the Syrian rebel stronghold of Douma, leaving more than 40 dead and over a thousand injured, has drawn a stark and largely partisan divide between the doves and hawks in the American foreign policy establishment, and the situation has …

Threats to Democracy and Dangers of War

October 12, 2017 // 0 Comments

An Interactive Conversation with Medea Benjamin (Code Pink), Dr. Amer F. Ahmed, Mojgan Sanepour Haji, and Christian Appy  The United States is at war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and U.S. leaders have threatened war in North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. Fears of deportation, white supremacist violence, police violence, climate …

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