Kathy Kelly holding a child in Afghanistan

Yemen and Iran: Who Suffers in a State of Siege?

Kathy Kelly has lived alongside people in war zones who try to survive both military and economic warfare. In Iraq, she and her companions defied U.S./UN economic sanctions by delivering medical relief to Iraqi children and families. Thirteen years of economic sanctions didn’t necessarily cause […]

Government supporters in Caracas, Venezuela protest against US sanctions. (Federico Parra / AFP)

The Virus of Sanctions: Flattening the Curve

by George Capaccio The coronavirus pandemic rages unabated in the United States. Shortages of life-saving drugs and essential equipment, medical facilities overwhelmed with critical cases, an increasing number of deaths from what should have been preventable causes—these are indications of a healthcare system in crisis. […]

Anti Sanctions Protest, May 30, 2020

Rally Against US Sanctions

Join us for a Rally Against US Sanctions, Saturday, June 20, 2-3pm, at the Fresh Pond Mall.  We will wear masks and socially distance from each other as we hold signs. The US has economic sanctions on 39 countries, during this time of a global […]