Free Alex Saab

A Conversation with Camila Saab, wife of the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, kidnapped by the United States. Register Here Alex Saab is a Venezuelan diplomat the US government has illegally seized and imprisoned for what the US considers “violation” of the illegal US economic warfare […]

The World Stands Up to Sanctions

Speakers include: Francisco Campbell – Nicaraguan Ambassador to the US Carlos Ron – Venezuela’s vice minister for North America Deacon Yoseph Teferi – Chairman of Ethiopian American Civic Council Foad Izaadi – Assoc. Prof., University of Tehran Erica Jung – Nodutdol – Korean grassroots org. Elias Amare – Eritrean Am. […]

Protester’s sign decries sanctions, “a silent war”. Photo: Campaign for Peace and Democracy, 2013
Strategy and Ideas

Sanctions Kill

by Renate Bridenthal, Molly Nolan and Prasannan Parthasarathi Sanctions are an economic weapon. They restrict nations from trading in goods and transacting in financial instruments; they prohibit U.S. corporations and banks from dealing with targeted countries; and they limit the economic activities of individuals, organizations, […]