Jobs Not Jails Rally on Boston Common

Let us ALL bring together 10,000 people from across Massachusetts to say NO to incarcerating our family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Let us say YES to good jobs that are meaningful and pay living wages. We will listen to speakers. We will chant with […]

Grinch With Apple

iPaid My Taxes, Apple Should Too!

There’s Nothing Merry about this Christmas Budget Deal! Congress plays Santa Claus to the Pentagon and multi-billion dollar companies like Apple while the rest of us get austerity. Join us on Saturday, December 21 at noon Apple Store • 815 Boylston Street, Boston • Copley […]

Action Alert

GOP Extremists: Cease & Desist!

Wednesday, October 16, 12:00 noonMassachusetts GOP Headquarters85 Merrimac St, BostonNorth Station “T” stop It’s time to listen to what the voters keep saying about the Budget: The Budget for All! campaign calls for an emergency protest: •    No to a Republican shutdown: too many people get hurt•    No to defaulting […]

Vigil: No Government Shutdown!

The Budget for All campaign issues a call for an….. Emergency Response to Threat of Congressional Republicansto Shut Down the Governmenton October 1: Unless a Federal Budget is passed by October 1:Tens of thousands will be thrown out of work;Payments to active duty soldiers will […]