Honduras: Coup & Caravans

Honduras’ democracy has not been able to find stable footing since the U.S.-backed coup of 2009, and political dissidents continue to be jailed for protesting a deeply corrupt electoral system. Edwin Espinal and Raúl Álvarez are two Honduran political prisoners jailed in the maximum-security, military […]

Guardiana de los Ríos

The documentary shows the struggle of Berta Caceres in defense of rivers in Honduras. Berta was a leader of the indigenous peoples, women, peasants and worked with other groups in the fight for justice in Honduras. Attend the event and learn from the struggle and brave fight that […]


End U.S. Support for the Thugs of Honduras

The Massachusetts Coalition to Cut Aid to Honduras is an informal, newly formed coalition of individual community members and folks from different organizations like Grassroots International, Proyecto Hondureño, The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, U.S. El Salvador Sister Cities, UFE, etc, We are working on […]