Ed Markey

Ed Markey for Senate in 2020!

January 13, 2020 // 0 Comments

by Cole Harrison

Mass. Peace Action has endorsed Sen. Edward Markey for reelection in 2020. Markey has a strong progressive track record on issues of peace and foreign policy. He is the unquestioned leader in the US Senate on nuclear disarmament, at a time when the US and Russia are tearing up the few remaining arms control treaties. For years, Markey has championed legislation to cut our insane nuclear weapons arsenal and to put controls on their use. Now, he a leader in the efforts to prevent war with Iran.

Ed Markey for Senate in 2020!

November 7, 2019 // 0 Comments

This article appeared in our Fall 2019 newsletter Mass. Peace Action endorses Sen. Edward Markey for reelection in 2020. Markey is being challenged by Rep. Joe Kennedy III and Shannon Liss-Riordan.  Some in the press say Markey and Kennedy are both progressive, with little difference …

With Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s challenge to Ed Markey for Senate, many are saying that there is no difference between the two men’s positions and that both are progressive.  But on peace issues, Massachusetts Peace Action does not agree. Markey is a peace leader, though …

A risky plan for Hanscom

May 6, 2018 // 0 Comments

Originally published in the Metrowest Daily News Do residents of Bedford, Lexington, Lincoln and Concord have anything to fear from their longtime neighbor, Hanscom Air Force Base? Without any vote on the matter, these four towns will become “ground zero” for activity essential to “modernization” …

In January 2016, the Iran Deal strengthened the world’s belief in diplomacy. The union forged between the United Nations Security Council states, Germany, the European Union, and Iran promised to create a more peaceful world, providing sanctions relief for Iran in exchange for the scaling …

As Wars Continue, Question Members of Congress

February 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

U.S. supported wars continue to ravage Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Question Members of Congress at the following events: Thursday, Feb. 23 – Sen. Ed Markey: Smith College, 6pm. Town Hall. Smith College, Sweeney Concert Hall, 144 Green Street, Northampton. In the U.S. Senate, I am …

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