Ryan Tax Plan / Peoples Budget Protest
Legislation and Policy

Peace Economy

A Moral Budget (S.1866 / H.2989) AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A COMMISSION TO REPORT ON THE MORAL BUDGET TO REVIVE, REPAIR AND REBUILD OUR ECONOMY This Act calls on Congress to pass a federal MORAL BUDGET that creates millions of jobs, invests in infrastructure, moves […]

Legislation and Policy

Taxpayers’ Right to Know

Taxpayers’ Right to Know AN ACT PROVIDING FEDERAL AND STATE BUDGET INFORMATION TO RESIDENTS OF THE COMMONWEALTH This act would send residents of Massachusetts annual reports detailing the total amount of income tax paid to the state and federal governments and what that money was […]

Travel Conflict of Interest. Graphic: Kaitlyn Locke / WGBH News
Legislation and Policy

Travel Conflict of Interest

Travel Conflict of Interest (H.3240) A MEASURE TO REDUCE THE INFLUENCE OF MONEY IN STATE POLITICS This act would ban state legislators from accepting all expenses paid trips from lobbying interests, a current loophole in anti-corruption legislation. Assigned to Committee: State Administration & Regulatory Oversight […]

Jan. 22, 2021 Actions in Massachusetts to welcome the Nuclear Ban Treaty
Legislation and Policy

Nuclear Disarmament Initiative

The Massachusetts Peace & Justice Network is proposing a package of three bills to protect Massachusetts residents from the existential threat of nuclear weapons. The Back from the Bring Resolution supports those that have signed the treaty and calls on the federal government to pull […]