Why I Stand: Greenfield

A Multimedia Exhibit Presented by Traprock Center for Peace and Justice Opening Saturday, August 6, 2022, 1-2 pm, and for viewing throughout August at the LAVA Center (Local Access to Valley Arts), 324 Main St., Greenfield, MA  Why we stand: Each Saturday morning in all […]

Middle East Wars

Thank You for Your Service

by Webb Nichols “Thank you for your service”  You say to me    You may wonder why I grimace  You meant to make me feel better    What to do with  “Thank you for your service”    No one who has been to war wants […]

Middle East Wars


by Webb Nichols Our Shame The World’s Shame We do not, did not feed all the Starving Our Shame The World’s Shame We do not, did not Stop all wars Our Shame The World’s Shame We do not, did not Get rid of all nuclear […]


Plague of War, Fog of War

By Robert Cable For the Smedley Butler Brigade, Chapter Nine of Veterans for Peace, Greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA War is a plague, mass sickness of mankind, A Black Death born of fear-infected mind, Greed-sickened soul or hate-invaded heart. Such moral pathogens cause wars to start. […]

Art by Wayland Coleman, who is currently incarcerated in Massachusetts and is a non-violent activist for prisoners’ rights.

Unity as Fragile as a Spark

In this peace and justice arts-based event, ANDRE DE QUADROS and VOICES 21C will work with Eric Anderson of the TRANSFORMATIONAL PRISON PROJECT, to engage attendees in collaborative performance, improvisation, and discussion. VOICES 21C is a Boston-based choral artists collective seeking to combine high technical […]