Racial Justice Work Plan 2017

Executive Summary:

We believe that racism and white supremacist ideology are operative in the US government and society at large. We educate and agitate to raise the consciousness of MAPA members and the broader society of the relationship between white privilege and structural racism.


Long Range Policy Goal: Transform MAPA, our Greater Boston society, and Massachusetts into an actively anti-racist Commonwealth.

Achievable Objectives for 2017:

  • Continue meetings w MAPA WGs to assess how racial justice is integrated into all MAPA work.
  • To establish working relationships w other racial justice activist groups including SURG and Black Lives Matter Cambridge and Boston
  • Review and revise our founding document to incorporate our new understandings based on our reading over past year.
  • Distribute BLM yardsigns and buttons to MAPA and larger community
  • Provide education on racism and opportunities for discussion, esp for the white community
  • Consider submitting state legislation or referendum addressing racial profiling


Activities planned in 2017 to further policy goal:

  • Circle Up! Performance at Hibernian Hall 3/23 w audience discussion
  • Workshop at Annual Meeting
  • Get ‘factsheet’ on website, Facebook