Push for Paid Family Medical Leave: Bills H.2172 & S.1048

Join RaiseUP Massachusetts as they push for paid family medical leave for workers across the state.

Everyone should be able to care for themselves, a newborn child, or a sick family member without risking job loss or financial ruin. Workers need paid family and medical leave now.

California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island have had paid family and medical leave for years, and New York and Washington states have passed paid leave bills that are being implemented now.  Six years after California’s law was implemented, most employers reported that paid leave had either a “positive effect” or “no noticeable effect” on productivity (89 percent), profitability/ performance (91 percent), turnover (96 percent), and employee morale (99 percent). Not having paid family and medical leave puts our economy at a competitive disadvantage compared to states that do.

The goal of this legislation is that no working person should have to choose between the job they need and caring for the family they love. We must have a paid family and medical leave policy that covers all workers, and that all workers can actually use.

Family and medical emergencies can happen to people who work for small companies, those who just started new jobs, and independent contractors. A paid leave program should ensure that all workers are covered. Workers shouldn’t be forced to pay for a program that they’re unable to use. That means low-income workers need to have generous wage replacement rates (close to
100% of their regular salary) so that they can actually afford to take paid leave.

Learn more by visiting RaiseUpMA.org and joining their campaign to push bills H.2172 & S.1048 through the state legislature.