Primary Victories 2016

All of our endorsed candidates won on September 8 in the Democratic primary. In addition to mobilizing to vote no on 2, the charter school question, now is the time to give our endorsed candidates the support they need to insure they win in the November election and can bring their progressive politics into action in the legislature. We can still register to vote in the General Election in Massachusetts until October 19 online or in your city’s election department. In two of the districts there is a strongly contested general election: Worcester’s 17th House District where our candidate is Moses Dixon, and Middlesex’s 7th House District where we support Jack Patrick Lewis.  Particularly in those districts we all need to turn out to vote on November 8 and mobilize all our neighbors and friends in the District to vote for our endorsed candidate. To find your polling place Click Here.

If you live in another district, you can volunteer to help one of our candidates in these highly contested races! Notify friends who live in one of the contested districts to vote for our endorsed candidate, and contact the candidate’s office to help out between now and the elections. Our work made a huge difference in September and can be decisive in the November election. To see the opportunites the candidates’ campaigns are organizing in the two most contested districts, click on the highlighted names of the candidates next to their paragraphs below.

Worcester, Leicester: Moses Dixon for State Representative

Moses Dixon  is running for State Representative in the 17th Worcester District. The first member of his family to graduate from college, he graduated from Howard University then earned a Master’s degree in Community Development and Planning from Clark University. He then went to work for the people of Worcester and Leicester. Working on Capitol Hill and on Beacon Hill for Representative Moses DixonMary Keefe, he learned the legislative process “hands-on.” And working for organizations representing workers, seniors, and veterans, he learned about organizing people to get things done. On issues, he supports universal broadband, pay equity for women, freezing/reducing state tuition rates, and offering greater support to our veterans. Attorney General Maura Healey has said, “Moses shares my values, and has a strong commitment to social and economic justice.” These values clearly came through  in a hotly contested Democratic Primary, but the legislative seat has gone back and forth between Democratic and Republican parties and we need to do all we can to help elect Moses who will be the first African American legislator elected from the Worcester area.

Framingham, Ashland: Jack Patrick Lewis for State Representative

Jack Patrick LewisJack Patrick Lewis is running to fill an open seat being vacated by Rep.Tom Sannicandro in the 7th Middlesex District which is all of Ashland and one third of Framingham. Jack believes that funds from unnecessary military spending could instead be allocated to fund social security, combat climate change, and make college education affordable. He also believes that the United States could do more in supporting Syrian refugees. With regard to nuclear weapons, Jack supports nuclear disarmament. On state issues, he supports a living wage, fair tax policies, access to high-quality affordable healthcare, better public education, creating a 21st century public transportation system, funding programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Jack won the primary as the clear progressive in a numerous Democratic field. He also faces a strong Republican contender. 

In the three other Races in which our endorsed candidates won, the General Election, the districts are overwhelming Democratic. Our endorsed candidates are the overwhelming favorites in these districts, but it is still important to continue our support and for those of us in the District to vote to re-elect Sen. Pat Jehlen and Rep. Marjorie Decker and to elect Mike Connolly State Representative from East Cambridge and Somerville:

Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Winchester:

Pat Jehlen for Re-election to Massachusetts Senate– stop the hedge fund effort to defeat her!

Pat JehlenPat Jehlen is running for re-election as state senator for the Second Middlesex district of Medford, Somerville, Winchester, and Cambridge and has over the years proven that she is a true progressive. That record and the hard work of all of us who have come to love her for her courageous stands helped her win an overwhelming victory in the primary, even though  pro-charter school force received $200,000 in the past few days from out of state to spend in an effort to defeat Pat because of her strong support of public schools.  The money came from a New York pro-charter organization with close ties to a pro-charter hedge fund magnate. This dark money intrusion into the election was exactly what she had been fightting against through her long and distinguished career. To name a few issues she supports, she has fought for the Fair Share Amendment, adequate funding for our public schools (against raising the charter school cap), the fight for 15, greenline extension, LGBTQ rights, and cleaning up the Mystic River. Recently, She also proposed the amendment to ban the pipeline tax. Jehlen also endorsed Bernie Sanders, helping in the Bernie movement’s fight to change the course of our country. Her campaign was one of the four Massachusetts campaigns endorsed by Our Revolution, the organization which grew out of the Bernie Sanders Campaign. The size of the victory was gratifying and shows the strength of progressive ideas in her overwhelmingly Democratic district.

East Cambridge, Somerville: Mike Connolly for State Representative

Mike ConnollyMike Connolly is a progressive, young political leader running for State Representative in the 26th Middlesex District of Cambridge and Somerville. Mike was also one of the four Massachusetts candidates endorsed by Our Revolution, the organization which grew out of the Bernie Sanders campaign. His victory over a long time incumbent in the Democratic primary was cited by Bernie Sanders himself as the type of action progressives need to take. Mike is a strong community activist who has worked on behalf of affordable housing, pre-school education longtime climate activist, Mike initiated and led the Net Zero “Connolly Petition” to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings citywide in Cambridge. The ordianance passed and is a landmark step against climate catastrophe. Mike has worked closely with other Peace Action members on the People’s Budget campaign and chaired the recent conference on solving Transit/Traffic problems in Cambridge, Somerville and surrounding towns. Like Sen. Jehlen’s, Mike’s district is a strongly Democratic one and winning the primary is considered tantamount to winning the election, but all of us in his district will want to insure his victory by voting for him.

Mid-Cambridge: Marjorie Decker for State Representative

Marjorie DeckerMarjorie Decker has served as State Representative for the 25th Middlesex district since 2012 and is currently running for re-election. Prior to State Representative, Marjorie served as a Cambridge City Council member for many years during which she helped to save mental health coverage for Cambridge Seniors, saved affordable housing in Harvard Square, secured funds for home based child care providers, and restored resources to day care centers. Marjorie also has experience in work that goes beyond the local level and cares about global issues, which have an effect on pertinent issues at home. She served on the United Nations International Association of Peace Messenger Cities through which she has done work related to mining exploitation, refugees, and nuclear disarmament. She recognizes the particular vulnerability of cities, as they are the targets in any nuclear confrontation. As State Representative she is a member of the Progressive Caucus and has introduced and supported bills that address issues associated with workers, homelessness, healthcare, housing, civil rights, veterans, education, early education, and collective bargaining rights for teachers. She was also appointed to the committees on Financial Services, Health Care Financing and Housing Marjorie has been a friend of Massachusetts Peace Action since the beginning of her political career, helping us to craft and successfully pass many anti-nuclear and pro peace resolutions. She won convincingly in a predominantly Democratic district.

For our full statement on each of our endorsed Massachusetts candidate, click here. Often, we forget how important local and state elections are. It is crucial that we do whatever we can to elect progressives to office who will champion the issues of the people. A political revolution is also needed at the state level. Donate, canvass, or let others know about why you support these candidates.