Organizing Against Anti-BDS Legislation at the State Level

A Coalition of MA Advocacy Groups Share their Strategy

Freedom to Boycott
Freedom to Boycott Massachusetts

JVP Boston, Massachusetts Peace Action and the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine recently led a campaign that won a spectacular victory against anti-BDS legislation in Massachusetts.  

On February 7, 2018, a legislative committee voted 11 to 1 (with 3 abstentions) to send an anti-BDS bill to study, effectively killing it for this session. According to one member of the committee, “The bill has bipartisan support too, which you don’t see a lot … That is, until the opposition group came out and really started doing their homework by meeting with everyone.”    

The campaign organizers have created an 18 page manual, “Organizing Against State Level Anti-BDS Legislation: the Massachusetts Experience” documenting what we did to win this victory.  We hope this document will be useful in other states that are taking on similar legislation.

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