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How will the Ukraine crisis reshape global politics?

Online Event

A Capitol Calling Party Join CODEPINK Congress & Massachusetts Peace Action for the fourth and final event in our SPECIAL SERIES ON FOREIGN POLICY! No matter how Russia’s bloody invasion of Ukraine ends, the repercussions are enormous and will be felt for many years–perhaps decades–to come. What will be [...]

U.S. Media Censorship of Voices for Peace

Online Event

Join CODEPINK & Massachusetts Peace Action to learn more about how the U.S. Media Censorship of Voices for Peace As U.S. media reports a narrow narrative on the war in Ukraine, social media platforms is increasingly censoring critical voices for peace. Join us this Monday, March 21st at [...]

Ukraine: Prospects for Peace and Preventing Escalation

Online Event

CODEPINK Congress, Tuesday, April 5th, 5 PM (PT); 8 PM (ET) Co-sponsored by CODEPINK & Massachusetts Peace Action As Russia’s assault on Ukraine takes a huge civilian toll, peace activists in the United States are calling on the Biden administration to articulate compromises the U.S. [...]

Reportback from Afghanistan: Medea Benjamin

Online Event

Join Wisconsin Peace Action, Chicago Area Peace Action, CODEPINK, and Massachusetts Peace Action to learn more about Medea Benjamin's trip to Afghanistan in March 2022. The most important thing we can do for Afghan women and girls right now is to call on the Biden [...]

Capitol Calling Party: Ukraine & Beyond: A Fossil Free Future

Online Event

Join CODEPINK Congress & Massachusetts Peace Action for a special additional Capitol Calling Party: Ukraine & Beyond: a Fossil Free Future. In the wake of Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration is doubling down on domestic fossil fuel production while appealing to Saudi Arabia's oil-rich autocrats to increase exports [...]

End U.S. Lawlessness Free U.S. Political Prisoners: Journalist Julian Assange and Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab

Office of Rep. Jim McGovern (Northampton) 94 Pleasant St, Northampton, MA

Event: Standout for Justice and Freedom outside of Congressman Jim McGovern’s Office 94 Pleasant Street, Northampton, MA Julian Assange Julian Assange was arrested in 2019 at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he had been staying since 2012. On April 20, 2022, a UK magistrates judge ordered [...]

Cuba: Breaking the Blockade

Online Event

On Tuesday, May 17, join CODEPINK Congress and MAPA for a Capitol Calling Party focused on breaking the blockade on Cuba. At a time when the Cuban economy is reeling from a combination of U.S. sanctions and tourism losses due to COVID, Cuban migration to the [...]

The Progressive Wave in Latin America

Online Event

Join CODEPINK Congress and Massachusetts Peace Action As Chair of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, the United States refuses to allow Cuba, Venezuela or NIcaragua to participate in the June meeting in Los Angeles. In response, Mexico says it won't participate either. Sounds like the [...]

Capitol Calling Party: NATO: What’s wrong with it?

Online Event

NATO-Got to go! As peace activists in Europe gear up for massive anti-NATO summit protests and NATO countries participate in the largest naval exercise in the world (RIMPAC), our guests will put NATO "on trial" for its past crimes in Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and [...]

24 Hour Peace Wave: No to Militarization – Yes to Cooperation

Online Event

The G7 will be meeting near Munich June 26-28. NATO will be meeting in Madrid on June 28-30. Our goal is to speak up for peace and cooperation, the scaling back and dismantling of military alliances, the disarmament of governments, and the democratization and strengthening [...]

Reaching a Just and Lasting Peace in Ukraine

Online Event

On June 6-7, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network convened a study group of experts in international affairs, military and security affairs, and international relations among the US, European Union, Ukraine, and Russia, hosted at Vatican City.  The group developed a statement examining the possibility [...]

A Webinar with Roger Waters

Online Event

A Webinar with Roger Waters Monday August 8th @ 3:oopm Those familiar with the music of Roger Waters know that the creative force behind Pink Floyd is an outspoken activist. On July 12th he performed at the Boston Garden, delivering an Antiwar message from start [...]