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Organizer – Elephant in the Room Project

At $ 738 billion a year (or $ 989 billion including related categories), the U.S. military budget swallows 57% of all Federal discretionary spending.  This number has risen rapidly under the Trump administration.  Military spending crowds out funding for all other purposes, leaving little available for health, education, infrastructure, scientific research, and the environment.  Therefore, to enact priorities such as the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and debt-free college, a major change in federal budget priorities is required.

Several 2020 Presidential candidates have taken positions in favor of cutting military spending, but in many cases have not been specific and have not made the issue a priority in campaign appearances.   The purpose of the Elephant in the Room Project is to get candidates to talk about this “elephant in the room”.   The project is funded by a generous grant from the Agape Foundation.

The organizer would ideally work part time from October through December 2019 as we plan and prepare the campaign, and work more intensively, full time if possible, in January and February 2020 in the run-up to the Massachusetts primary.   

We are a collaborative workplace and welcome your experience and ideas. We are looking for someone who has worked on an organizing project or campaign and is looking to take that experience to the next level. We welcome background in areas of justice work beyond the peace movement. The most important qualities are shared values and an organizing mindset. We are happy to orient you to the specifics of the issues and you do not need to come in as an expert.




Media campaign

                The centerpiece of the project is to develop a media campaign that raises the issue of military spending and related issues among the Boston-area media outlets – print, television, and radio – through op-eds and talk shows.  There would be a common message such as – Democratic Presidential Candidates – How much is enough? How would you cut military spending?


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Organize a public forum

Plan a public forum on the military budget/spending held prior to the primary – December, January and February.  Enlist presenters who are nationally recognized, have written on this topic in national outlets, or have recently published a report on the topic.  There would be a clear ask of everyone who participates.  For example, a pledge to contact each campaign and ask that when speaking in Massachusetts prior to the March 3 primary that the candidate address the issue of military spending.   A second ask would be to volunteer for visibility at candidate events.   Each event would have the standard outreach to print, television, radio media and extensive social media. 


Visibility at Candidate Events

            Determine when candidates are scheduling events in Massachusetts, which we expect is most likely to happen in late February after the New Hampshire primary.   Use social media and existing email lists to turn people out to appear outside event holding large banners with a clear message.


Desired Skills and Experience


Self-starter, motivated, organized

Experienced at organizing effective advocacy campaigns and political campaigns

Experience working with media and establishing media contacts

Motivating and organizing volunteers

Organize and lead meetings

Writing:  Synthesize policy papers and reports into accessible documents, handouts and talking points

Computer:  Design flyers, banners,  graphics, use social media, Google Docs


Terms of employment


This is a part time, hourly position.  Compensation will be $20/hour for 10-40 hours a week with a total compensation of roughly $10,000.  Taxes will be withheld and income reported on a W-2.  

You will work out of the Massachusetts Peace Action office at 11 Garden St, Cambridge.


The Organizer reports to the chair of the Elephant in the Room Project and to MAPA EF’s Executive Director.  S/he also maintains an ongoing relationship with the members of the Elephant in the Room Project committee.

You are expected to initiate and carry out projects, work closely with supervisors and committee on your plans, receive assignments and accept direction. In case of a conflict you may consult with the Massachusetts Peace Action board’s Personnel Committee for problem solving.


 To Apply

Send resume, cover letter and a sample of your work to Cole Harrison, Executive Director,   Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and must be received by October 31.

People of color and members of marginalized groups are particularly encouraged to apply.


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