Memorial Day for Peace

Memorial Day for Peace

Monday, May 28, 2012, 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Christopher Columbus Park, Atlantic Ave. at Long Wharf, Aquarium T, Boston

Please join Veterans For Peace, Smedley Butler Brigade, Chapter 9 and Samantha Smith, Chapter 45, Military Families Speak Out, Massachusetts Peace Action, and United for Justice with Peace as we commemorate Memorial Day.


There will be no parade, no marching band, no military equipment, no guns and drums, no Air Force fly-overs.


There will be veterans and supporters who have lost friends and loved ones. Veterans who know the horrors of war and the pain and anguish of loss. There will be friends and families of soldiers, remembering their loved ones. There will be Iraqi Refugees who have suffered terrible losses and will join with us as we remember and show respect for their loss.


Veterans for PeaceThere will be flowers dropped into the harbor for each fallen U.S. soldier from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Flowers will also be also be dropped into the harbor remembering the loss of Iraqi family and friends.



Brian Quirk
Merrimack Valley People for Peace
Scottish Bag Pipes
Rev. Lara Hoke
Sec. VFP, Smedley D. Butler Brigade
Pat Scanlon
Coordinator, VFP, Smedley D. Butler Brigade
Lee VanderLann
Ex Comm. VFP, Smedley D. Butler Brigade
In memory of our friend Capt, Paul Brailsford, VFP Samantha Smith Chapter
Bradford Adams
VFP, Smedley D. Butler Brigade
A short remembrance of my friend Zalmai, Afghanistan Veteran (2002-2003)
Kevin Lucey
Parent of Cpl. Jeffrey Lucey USMC
Return to Hell
Si KahnSong – Hunter –(Music from CD)
Bob Funke
Smedley D. Butler Brigade
What Memorial Day Means to Me
Bonnie Gorman
Military Families Speak Out,
Gold Star Families Vietnam VFP Smedley D. Butler Brigade
Suicide: The hidden wounds of war
Nancy Wrenn
Massachusetts Peace Action
Are we finished with war yet?
Webb Nichols
Smedley D. Butler Brigade
Ahmad & Leyla AlZubaydi
Iraqi Refugees
Babylon Restaurant, Lowell
Farouq Ali
Iraqi Refugee
Arab Spring and Hypocrisy of the West
Brian QuirkScottish Bag Pipes
Flower Ceremony
Rev. Ralph Galen
Community Church of Lawrence
Jesse Perrier
Ex. Comm. Smedley D. Butler Brigade