Action Alert:

Legislative/Peace Voters Work Plan 2017

Executive Summary:

The Legislative/Political Coordinating Committee identifies legislation relevant to our policy goals, as well as candidates and elected officials who can help us achieve those goals.  Through coordinated communications with our Members of Congress and State legislators we seek to increase our political power and build strong relationships with our elected representatives. With the new administration in the White House our electoral work in MA and nationwide will be crucial leading up to the 2018 elections.


Long Range Policy Goal: To build a statewide network of members who will advocate for policies that promote justice and peace, at home and abroad, and strengthen our impact on public policy and to help elect officials who share that vision.

Achievable Objectives for 2017:

Find coordinator for CD2.


Activities planned in 2017 to further policy goal: elect peace delegates to Dem. Platform convention to forge a more progressive platform and build a progressive coalition for the 2018 elections, encourage members to attend Town Halls and ask about peace, defeat anti-BDS bill by keeping it in committee, move to get Revenue/Transparency Act out of committee, pass Fair Share Amendment, Safe Communities Act, $15 Minimum wage, Restorative Justice, Civilian Review Board. Express thanks and opposition to Congressmen’s votes on a regular basis. Enlist several members from each CD to sign up for Congressman’s website, FB page, e-alerts etc.

Coalition Work:

Work with Our Revolution, Mass Alliance, Progressive MA, Raise Up, Progressive Democrats of America, AFSC, Jewish Voice for Peace, Veterans for Peace, WAND, USC, CLW, Jobs for Justice, Dorchester People for Peace; affiliated peace groups in Watertown, Walpole, Milton, Monterey and Natick etc.


Co-Conveners: Bonnie Gorman, Carol Coakley

How to Contact the Working Group? or or Carol at 508 376-8495

How is your group going to grow? Find people who have an interest in implementing peace, get new people to reach out to legislators. When we have a success let people know about it.