Action Alert:

Legislative and Political Action Working Group: 2015 Work Plan

Legislative Action

This committee works to inform and influence our legislators towards a more peaceful world by informing and empowering our citizens for effective advocacy. . As Massachusetts is often said to have the most liberal delegation in the country it is important that our MA Congressmen and Senators be leaders for peace.

We disseminate legislative news, track legislation, and manage the candidate endorsement process.  We write letters to the editor, to our Representatives/Senators, birddog candidate events and meet with our elected officials.

We maintain a Legislative Agenda, a list of bills, amendments and letters that we support or oppose, and we share it with our supporters and with legislators.

We also maintain a Legislative Scorecard, a list of bills, amendments and letters that our legislators have taken action on each year, and we rate them on their % agreement with Peace Action’s position.

There are nine congressional district groups in MA and we hope to strengthen each district group in 2015 so that they can build a stronger relationship with their Congressperson.

We will be looking to fill all of the co-chair positions in 2015.               

We would like to help constituents find up to date information about their elected officials and legislation.

We welcome information and recommendations from the various MAPA working groups on particular legislation and will help to coordinate legislative contacts among all of the working groups. We will continue to facilitate educational events on relevant topics.  When an issue arises on the state level that is relevant to peace and justice and when we have the capacity we will advocate our view to link the local and the global.

Peace Voter

We seek to elect pro-peace candidates and defeat pro-war candidates and to increase the attention candidates and the public give to peace issues during elections.  We send questionnaires, track candidate statements, and conduct candidate briefings. We bird-dog at election events, asking questions about peace issues, and at times we endorse candidates and work for their election.

We work with MassAlliance, a coalition of progressive groups that works to elect progressive candidates to the State Legislature.

See our Legislative Action home page and our Peace Voter home page.